I have decided that with 2 months to go it's time to get my butt in shape for the wedding.  I always feel more interested to get up and work out when I have a fun outfit to wear...most importantly some awesome sneakers.  So, here is my cheap chic go-to work-out gear:
Sportsbra: Target $16.99
Shorts: Eastbay $14.99
Under Armour Hat $18.99
Asics Gel Blur 33 $84.99 (some of the colors are on sale right now)

Target has the best selection of sports bras in a bunch of different bright colors and patterns (just be careful, some of the colors bleed the first time you wash them), I love them.  I have an elliptical in the house, so that's why I like to rock the fun sports bras.  When I am working out in a public place, I most definitely wear a tank over it. 

Split side shorts are super comfy and these are nice and lightweight.  They also come in a bunch of different colors.

I pretty much always wear a hat when I exercise, it keeps my hair back and hides the fact that I am not wearing make-up and that I am most likely a sweaty hot mess!

I love Asics.  I have a pair of Nike Free's for everyday wear, but nothing beats Asics when it comes to support and cushion for exercise.  These are the new lightweight Asics.  I haven't purchased them yet (they are out of my size at my finishline), but I am a lover of all Asics, so I'm sure I will like them.

If you are looking for a great bag for the gym I saw the perfect one at Urban the other day.  It's a little retro and it seems to be pretty strong (good for throwing your sneaks in when you are finished).  It's only $39.00 which is pretty reasonable for Urban.  It's a great option if you have to carry your work-out gear to the office too, since it's more chic then carrying a nike duffel bag.  I couldn't get the picture to load clearly, but if you click on the link you can check it out.
8/2/2011 04:08:46 am

I agree! Target has the best sport bras! I have a few brightly colored ones from them-my fav is a dark gray with a neon green trim. Helps ya get motivated!


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