Happy Monday!  I went to Target the other day for paper towels and I somehow managed to spend over $100.  This happens way too often.  But, I did score some great white skinny jeans and a navy cardi.
Tank: H&M, Cardi & Jeans: Target, Scarf: From a Canal Street Shop, Necklaces: Forever21, Wedges: Mia (from Piperlime)

I'm still a little hesitant to wear white pants, seeing as they are not very slimming, but I really liked this look.  I figure that I can wear these through the Spring and into the Summer as well.  Definitely worth the 25 bucks I spent on them!
2/28/2012 06:00:47 pm

i do the same thing at target! u r not alone!! esp bc they have awesome sales n clearance racks- pants are cute! def a good addition for spring n summer

3/1/2012 10:55:58 am

I love your Canal Street Scarf! And Rock those White Pants! Forever 21 has some really good ones if your readers need any other options. But if you've got it (which you do have "it" (it being the body)) FLAUNT It! Flaunt it in White Pants.

White pants and colored pants and carpis - they're big winners this this spring/summer - and you heard it here first, on WWW.acheapchiclife.com


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