Here is a fun and simple way to decorate and display your favorite wines.  Who doesn't want to look chic and imbibe all at the same time?

I love Pottery Barn, but most of the time I can't justify spending that much money on their pieces.  However, you can find a few smaller items from them and make a statement.  I bought wine bottle shelves from Pottery Barn ($75 each or $139 for 2) and used them to flank the window in my dining room.  I then used chalkboard paint to make a sign underneath each shelf.  With chalk I wrote which wines were being stored on the shelf above.

Here is the finished product. 
I am trying to decide now if I want to put a border around the chalkboard.  On the otherhand, I also like how the unfinished edges of the chalkboard paint gives the look a more rough, unpolished look.
7/6/2011 10:12:37 pm

I think a frame border might be a good touch!

7/7/2011 07:27:31 am

love your shorts!!! great post!


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