This time a year ago I was on the hunt for a few great white dresses to wear to my bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.  I had zero luck.  Apparently I got hitched a year too soon because now there are soo many perfect white dresses I had trouble narrowing it down!  I know when I was looking I had to make sure that dresses weren't too tight, low cut, or short.  All I could find were skin tight strapless dresses that just barely covered my butt.  So, here are some of the great options out there now!
Surplice High-Low Dress $29.80
Sweetheart Lace Dress $24.80 (not quite white, but sooo cute)
Floral Lace Dress $22.80
H&M Strapless Dress $49.95
H&M Lace Dress $29.95

All white outfits are definitely hot right now, and not just for the bride.  Some of these would be perfect for one of my date nights with the hubby.  But, feel free to share with someone you know who is getting married and may be having trouble finding outfits for all the wedding festivities...especially if they are on a budget like I was!

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