This weekend has been a blur. We have been very busy with a bunch of house projects and then, not sure if you heard, but yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. Kind of a big deal around here since I married into an Irish family. Since I am out of commission in the drinking department, I thought I would make the food. We had:

Shepherds Pie (the recipe I showed you here)
Bangers & Mash (a recipe from Pinterest)
Irish Soda Bread (a la Wegmans-and it was seriously amazing)
This is the picture of the bangers and mash from the actual recipe-I served mine from a crockpot, so it made for a much less appealing photo. Oh well. My lack of profesh photo skills was outweighed by how ridiculously good this recipe was. I only want my mashed potatoes served with cabbage and bacon from now on. Period.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

This week is a big one for us. We have our 20 week ultrasound-fingers crossed we can find out the sex of the baby!
Girl or boy? We shall see...

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