I am recovering from a fabulous weekend with the girls for my bachelorette party!  They planned so many fun surprises and we had such a great time!  I only have a few pictures on my camera, so while I wait to get the pics from the girls, I will share what I can.

Friday night we stayed at the Waterclub in Atlantic City.  I made my bridesmaids "Party Rocker Kits" for Saturday morning since I figured we might all be hurting a little bit after a looong night out.
The kit included: Water & Gatorade (to re-hydrate before night #2), Misc. Band-aid package (to protect us from our 5 inch heels), Cough drops (in case we lost our voices from singing), Gum (for obvious reasons, plus a certain someone forgot her toothbrush), and a pack of Ibuprofen which somehow didn't make it into the picture.
As for outfit #1, I had gone to the mall and tried on the top 2 dresses from the poll which were the H&M dress and then the Express dress.  The H&M dress made me feel like Big Bird, and I really liked the express dress, but it was a little too simple.  So, after running around the mall like a mad woman, I found some great stuff.

And here is my outfit for night #1:
Dress: Charlotte Russe, Bracelet: Forever21, Heels: Guess, Clutch: from DSW (similar to this one)

I went into Charlotte Russe last minute because I was really struggling to find something for the weekend.  I'm so glad I did, because I absolutely love this dress!  It fits perfect, I have never worn leopard print before, and it had pockets! 

I will share more when I get the pictures!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!
9/11/2011 06:19:40 pm

so fun. you looked stunning. adore this post. if you get a second I'd would love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xoxo


9/13/2011 09:04:38 am

I love your recovery package! So cute!

Yours Truly,

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9/13/2011 09:12:59 am

love the leopard dress!

xoxo bun.


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