What a crazy three day weekend I had!  Instead of doing one of my normal posts, I thought I would summarize the craziness for you!

Starting with...
celebrating a win for the Raiders!  By the way, Victoria's Secret Pink Collection has some pretty great NFL gear if you are in the market for something to wear during a game.  The hubster got me this sweatshirt and it is seriously the softest thing I own, I may never take it off.

Next up...
I completed the Tri-State Tough Mudder with some fabulous people that I work with.  If you have never heard of the Tough Mudder (which I never had prior to signing up) it's a 12 mile obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces.  It's no joke.  Which is why I am not smiling in the picture below.
These are the sweet orange tee shirts that the 8 of us wore.  Tough Mudder was literally the toughtest thing I have ever done, I am one giant bruise right now.  Here is an example of my beat-upness:
That would be my right knee.  It's hard to tell, but it's covered in a beautiful shade of purple and it's twice it's normal size.  I will hold back from sharing my left knee and right butt cheek, they are way worse and I don't want to gross anyone out.  I'm not quite ready to admit that I'm glad that I did it-give me a few days until I don't need to consume Advil around the clock.  But, it was definitely a huge accomplishment and the pain will pass.

Onto the most exciting part of the weekend.  On Sunday morning the hubs and I went to meet our new puppy!
(My face looks kind of weird-I must be smiling through the Tough Mudder pain).

We don't get to take him home until the weekend after Thanksgiving (he's only 6 weeks old), but we are soooo excited.  He is a Great Dane/Boxer mix and he is the sweetest.  As of right now we think we will name him Benjamin Bailey.  His name from the adoption place is Bailey, but we wanted a dog named Benny, so it's the best of both worlds!
He is definitely going to turn this little girl's world upside down!

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