I have recently discovered that all but 3 of my watch's batteries have died.  I replace the batteries in my nice watches, but these ones were all my fun, cheap watches...so it's time to go shopping!  I really like accessorizing with watches, so only having 3 left is an issue.  So, I am on the hunt and I thought I would share some of my top picks with you.
White Timex $60
Dark Grey Watch $15.80
Mixed Metal Watch $73.18
White Silicone Watch $12.99

I know that I definitely want a new white watch, but there is something about the mixed metal look that I really loving right now too.  Hmmmm...decisions.

My top pick for a fun and unique new watch is the suede wrap watch with fringe from Urban Outfitters.  I am really loving an accessory with fringe! 
P.S.: I am on the hunt for an awesome fringe purse if you have any recommendations!
9/2/2011 10:53:03 am

The watches from Timex and Urban are my fave. They would compliment different styles you wear.

The White Timex watch seems perfect for the summer and entry into Fall.


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