News on the streets: retro flare leg jeans are in this fall.  I’m actually kind of excited about this, is that weird?  I decided to get a pretty cheap pair to see how I felt about them, because, hey, if worse comes to worse they can be reserved for a Rachel Zoe Halloween costume right?  Just kidding.  But anyways, all jeans at Old Navy are on sale right now, and they have some super big flare leg jeans.  (Side note: If you need some basics and transitional sweaters-go to Old Navy-they are practically giving everything away!)  For some reason, they were only $19.50 in the store, but they are advertised for $29.50 on-line.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about them after trying them on in the store, I think it’s because they aren’t low-rise, but when I put them on at home with a pair of wedges-I love them! 
Basic white tanks: H&M, Jeans: Old Navy, Necklace: Forever21 (seen here), arm party: Target, Dogeared, and H&M, Watch: vintage , Clutch: Forever21
I was just getting into the spirit.  I got a little carried away!
8/16/2011 11:43:55 pm

def a fan of the flare! you are too cute!

love from San Francisco,
<a href="" >Britt+Whit </a>

8/17/2011 03:02:57 am

You are so cute-love the flares!


8/17/2011 07:48:46 am

very cute outfit!!

8/19/2011 04:42:27 pm

Love the outfit!!!

8/19/2011 07:59:41 pm

I Love these flare jeans!


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