One of our (many) shopping goals while here in Ireland is to get me a claddagh ring. We traveled to Galway yesterday and that is the home of the original claddagh jeweler.
This tiny shop was hidden in the middle of a lot of commercialized stores, we were lucky to find it. I had to take a picture of the outside because it was just too cute. That yellow door is about 5 feet tall.
With the ring I received a card explaining the meaning of claddagh: the hands are for friendship, the heart is for love, and loyalty is shown with a crown up above.

Apparently, Thomas Dillons was the first jeweler to create the claddagh design and no one else can copy his exact design. His official jewelry is stamped "TD Original" on the inside. So, I was lucky to get the real deal!
6/28/2012 07:52:53 am

love it!! so awesome

7/5/2012 02:55:06 am

this is awesome!


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