Here is my easy plan for perfectly polished toes when you don't have the time or the money to make it to the nail salon.  If you are not a feet person, then don't scroll down, you will be seeing toes! 

First you need some supplies:

I have a bowl of warm water, epsom salts, foot buffer, nail buffer, nail file, cuticle trimmer, foam toe separators, and my polish.

Start by adding some epsom salts to your warm water and soak your feet for a while.  I found this foot buffer at a CVS and it's really great for exfoliating and moisturizing your feet.  When you are done soaking, use the buffer all over both feet.  I use my cuticle trimmers to trim any extra skin and to shape any irregular nails.  Then file and buff the nails to make them smooth and get them ready to polish.

I chose OPI Moon Over Mumbai (one of my all time favorite colors), I like to keep neutral colors on my toes since I usually do bright fingernails.
Then for the final fun touch, I took a nail art pen in white and put polka dots over the polish.  Since Moon Over Mumbai is a very pale gray, white polka dots are a subtle way to make my pedi a little different.
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7/19/2011 02:53:27 pm

Saw her at the beach the other day....Almost died.

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8/10/2011 05:56:18 am

I've been inspired!! <3 the polka dots!!!


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