Ok, maybe that is a little dramatic, but you can now shop online at H&M!  This made my day.  I have already made some purchases!
These ballet flats are super light and comfy and are only $12.95.  I got them in gray and black.  I figure I should have some more flat shoes since carrying around a baby in 5 inch wedges is not the ideal situation for a clumsy person.
I purchased this chiffon dress in the navy color option for an upcoming wedding.  It is only $29.95 and I am pretty impressed with the quality of it.
Spolier Alert:  This is part of Finns Halloween costume, but their kids/baby section is available online too.
I have not purchased anything from the Home section of H&M online, but they have a really cool selection.  How great are these placemats?  I love the utensil pocket!
And how cute are these hand towels?

I need to put myself on an online H&M budget asap.

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