Even though summer has ended I am still super in love with the maxi skirt.  Don't pack them away just yet!  There is definitely a way to wear your maxi skirt in the fall.  I was going to show my favorite new way to wear my maxi skirts in the cooler weather, but then it was 80 degrees today.  So, this is what happened for date night:
Sorry for the crummy Iphone picture.  But this maxi skirt is from Forever21 and comes in a bunch of different colors (most of which are already sold out online) and it's only $12.50!  How can you pass that up?!  I love the thought of pairing a maxi skirt with a long sleeve tee or a gorgeous tank and slim fitting cardigan for the fall.  And when I am not sweating through my tube top I will definitely be posting an outfit to show this!  As a sneak peak and to not let y'all down, here are  some great maxi skirts to stock up on for the cooler weather heading our way! 
9/23/2011 12:01:09 am

I wish I could pull off a maxi skirt. I'm super short :(


9/24/2011 01:36:06 am

Love the maxi picks

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11/3/2011 07:18:54 pm

I love your outfit =)


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