Here's another fashion statement that is in this season that I am not totally sure about...the crop top.  I recently purchased one from H&M in a really pretty jewel tone purple.
Top: H&M, Shorts: Old Navy, Scarf: H&M, Sandals: Target, Bracelets (a mix of chunky bangles that I have had for many years)
I'm not totally sold on the look yet, but it's growing on me!

Here are a couple of other options I have found:
Striped Crop Top: Forever 21 ($14.80)
Grey Crop Top: Forever 21 ($10.90)
7/28/2011 02:42:14 pm

oops I posted on the wrong the scarf!

7/29/2011 01:33:45 pm

Super cute nail polish! Love it!

Happy Friday!


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7/30/2011 02:07:26 am

Might I just say you are just lovely! Gorgeous, loving the look, I actually think it looks great on you, if you wanted to mix it up a bit you could do high-waisted, black, wide-leg trousers as well when it gets chillier. Just a thought.


7/31/2011 02:23:41 pm

I say that if you've got a cute little tummy you should let peek out from time to time. You are rocking' the look!

8/1/2011 10:26:33 am

Love this look on you!


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