The hubby and I have been hard at work organizing all the amazing things we received at the shower...well I guess it was mostly me. But, in his defense, he put together the nursery furniture. So, I thought I would share the completed nursery-I absolutely love it!

All the great owl accents. How cute are these owl hooks that we received as a gift?

We bought this cute frame that was made from old molding and chicken wire from our towns May Fair-it is perfect for organizing her little accessories.

Everything came together as I had hoped. I love all the different wood stains and the feeling that the antiqued pieces give the room. Now we just wait for Finnley to make her appearance!

6/12/2013 01:30:28 pm

Super cute! Can't wait for Finnley to see it!

6/12/2013 02:46:32 pm

I absolutely adore your nursery, it's super cute!

Best of luck :)

6/14/2013 05:42:18 pm

LOVE IT!!!!!! cant wait to meet her!!

6/15/2013 03:16:53 am

Nursery is adorable, Katie! Great job! :-)

I'm sure you meant to write, "How cute are these owl hooks that we received as a gift from my amazingly creative, super-awesome, bestest EVER aunt?" ;-)

6/29/2013 02:45:28 am

Of course that is what I meant! Thank you so much again!


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