If you are in need of a simple summer flat then look no further.  These sandals from Target are the best.  And they are on sale this week.  So go buy them in every color.  I had last summer's version of the same sandal in 3 different colors and I wore them all the time.  They are still in pretty good shape too, so I will probably get some use out of them this year.
Merona Esma Braided Flat Sandal
On sale for $12.00 this week
I actually like this year's version better.  They are a little narrower and they are more comfortable. 
These are the colors that I have purchased for this summer!

You should probably hurry up and get them before the sale ends.  I think they are a whopping 15 bucks regularly and you need that $3 to get a Starbucks coffee to drink while you get your shop on.
5/12/2012 02:59:32 pm

omg i love these! i have the tan ones!!! i wear them all the time! ill have to check out the oter colors online before they sell out- my target only had the tan

Franklin and Bash
5/16/2012 05:00:36 am

We think any girl would look hot in these and we fully approve!


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