The weather this weekend was soooo nice. I am ready for Spring. Bring it. I made sure to take the dogs out to enjoy it too. We went on a 4.5 mile walk on Saturday that resulted in lazy afternoon lounging for these two:
Anyways...seeing as it is moving into Springtime, I treated myself to a new Spring polish. It's Essie's Avenue Maintain.
It's a really bright blue, but I definitely like it a lot. It's a lot less baby blue in comparison to Bikini So Teeny.
I also tried these new-to-me drying drops. I typically use Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat, but lately it has been leaving a lot of tiny bubbles once dry. I like these drops, they dry the polish super quick and they condition your cuticles at the same time. My only recommendation so far is to wait about 3 minutes before applying to nails. The directions say 1 minute after your last coat, but when I only waited a minute I got some bubbles in my polish.

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