...that make the biggest difference in a room!  I love love love interior decorating and I wanted to share some of the simplest things that I have done in my home that get the most compliments!
My vintage ladder.  I have a long, narrow bathroom downstairs and I didn't know what to do to decorate.  When we moved in I purchased this ladder online and it was the perfect piece!  It's the focal point of the wall and it's functional because it holds my assortment of hand towels. 
When we decorated our master bedroom we had originally hung a painting over the bed, but the painting was relocated to the family room.  For months I had a blank wall above my bed and it looked so sad.  I randomly thought of this idea to hang a sheer curtain to give it a whimsical, romantic look.  I still have my eye out for another painting or I might get a black and white wedding photo enlarged once we get married, but for now I'm really liking the curtain.  I purchased both from The Christmas Tree Shop, they have the cheapest curtain rods and they are really cute!
We LOVE to entertain, and we have a bar in our living room that we use all the time for company.  I wanted a way to spruce it up without being tacky.  If my fiancé had his way his shot glass collection would be displayed front and center like we live in a frat house!  As he says "everyone loves a collection" which makes absolutely zero sense.  But I have shifted his interest to collecting growlers from local breweries.  We also inherited some vintage beer/bar signs from his father, so we decided to display them too.  It matches the overall feel of our home, but it also enhances the area designated for the bar.
8/11/2011 10:49:17 am

I love the pillow!

- Tam


9/2/2011 11:06:47 am

The Pillow is AWESOME! Was it custom made? If so, where?

The curtain idea above the bed is brilliant and looks fabulous!


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