I love planning small parties and get-togethers in my home.  There are a lot of little things that you can do around your home to make a holiday celebration really stand out to your guests.  I will share some of my tips!
One of the most important things to make sure looks super spiffy is the bathroom that your guests will be using.   I have an old barn ladder in my guest bathroom (you make remember it from this post) and purchased really inexpensive holiday towels from Joanne's Fabric and I also used some evergreen garland and a big bow (both were super cheap at the WalMart).  I also like to have both hand soap and hand lotion on the sink counter.  The biggest key: a beautifully smelling candle.  Usually the less expensive candles aren't in the "candle section" or Target or Walmart, they are by the febreeze.  Why spend a lot on a bathroom candle?  It just needs to smell great!
(This is just to show you the effect.)
Never underestimate the look of some simple white christmas lights underneath of sheer fabric.  You can buy sheer white fabric from a fabric store, or even get some sheer curtains for cheap.  You lay the lights out underneath so they are spread evenly and then drape the fabric over it.  You can use bowls and boxes to create different heights under the fabric and this would make for a beautiful tablescape for setting up appetizers, a buffet, or a dessert table!
I love setting up a really nice bar for people to make their drinks with.  Before I had an actual bar I would still make sure to have a designated table for all the bar glasses and bottles.  I like to use fake snow (super cheap from Target) to put in a a big tin tub (or now in the wet bar part of my bar) and I prop wine or liquor bottles up in the snow.  A little extra touch to get in the holiday spirit!  I also found the cute cocktail napkins in the above picture from WalMart.
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This is cute!


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These are great pictures!


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