Warning: this is all about maternity clothes and sizing. But, I thought I would share because it is pretty confusing figuring out what size to get and pretty much everything is online only. I just made a few purchases from Old Navy (everything was on sale + 30% off + free shipping = perfection).
I read the customer reviews to help with figuring out my sizing. Everything I ordered seems to fit totally different. The pants have 3 different waistbands-low rise, demi panel, and full panel and I think that affects the sizing.

I am 5'5" (and a half) and my pre-pregnancy size was a 4 or 6 (depending on the brand) and a small/medium. In Old Navy, I wore mostly size 4 and medium in tops. The most helpful customer reviews included these numbers because I could compare pre-pregnancy sizes.

To review what I purchased, I bought mediums in the dress, leggings, lounge pants, and shorts. The dress is the perfect length for my height, but the medium is kinda big (I'm hoping by summer and with my growing belly it will fit a little better). I'm overall the most disappointed with the dress-I probably should have exchanged for a size smaller. The leggings fit perfect and the low rise fit is super comfortable. The pants and shorts are a little big, but the lengths are great, and I am the master at shrinking things so I think they will fit great after one wash.

The capris fit the best and are pretty comfortable with the full panel. I read all the reviews and went with a size 6. These will get a lot of wear.

The Rockstar Jeggings are another fav. I got them in the light and dark blue colors. The first time I ordered I got way too big of a size (size 10) because I read all the reviews and everyone said they ran sooo small and to go 2 sizes up. I disagree. I went with a size 8 the second time around and they fit great. I can see why people recommended 2 sizes up, the demi band isn't very comfortable because of where it hits on your stomach, but as I get bigger, I can fold it over. And I would rather have the pants fit better in the legs and booty.

Sorry for those who are not purchasing maternity clothes right now. But, maybe save it for later or share with a friend who is because it is definitely tricky figuring it all out!
10/20/2013 12:16:32 pm

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