I just want to have one post on some of the awesome things that I found during my wedding planning.  Even if you are already married, or not ready for it yet, you might be interested in some of these items.  Or maybe you have a friend or family member that could use some help! 

Thanks to some do-it-yourself projects that you may have read about here and with the help of the shops on Etsy I was able to stay within my wedding budget and maintain my cheap chic style. 
The Veil
The veils at the bridal shops that I went to when dress shopping were a couple hundred dollars which I think is craziness!  I looked on Etsy to see what they had and I found a huge selection of different styles and length veils.  I ended up with a waste length veil trimmed in satin ribbon.  It was just like the one I tried on with my dress at the dress shop but it was more than 1/4 of the price at $39 + shipping. 

These gorgeous flowers were one of my favorite buys on Etsy.  They are so realistic looking and they came on sturdy alligator clips so they didn't move all night long, even with all of the dancing.  The shop has so many different types and colors of flowers, it's worth taking a look!
The Favors
This was half DIY and half store bought.  I purchased the chalkboard stemless wine glasses at Pier One (you can also easily make them if you have some free time).  I wanted to have a favor that wasn't permanently personalized since most people throw out those type of favors.  We drew a bunch of different sayings on them with chalk for when our guests sat down, but then we also provided chalk on the favor card so that they could change them to whatever they wanted.  They seemed to be a big hit!
10/24/2011 09:50:40 pm

Great finds! I relied heavily on Etsy for my wedding too, I had a very similar hair accessory to that one. Love the chalkboard wine glasses, very cute and a very useable favor. You were a beautiful bride!

10/25/2011 03:45:32 am

Thank you!

10/25/2011 03:50:17 am

SO good to know about the veil and the flowers! I was looking for similar things for my wedding next October, and it's nice to know that you had success on Etsy. We're also doing chalkboard paint on wine glasses for favors. Yours came out SO cute. Where did you buy your chalkboard paint?

10/25/2011 12:39:34 pm

I didn't paint our favors-the thought of making 180 glasses overwhelmed me! But I use chalkboard paint from Home Depot when I do my chalkboard crafts. It holds pretty well on glass, you just can't submerge in water. I wash my chalkboard vases by hand and they have held up fine. Thanks for reading my blog!


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