I tried out a delish recipe for shrimp tacos last night (click on the pic to link to the recipe)...
And my wonderful hubby/ex-bartender made some amazing margaritas to go with dinner.  He called them his skinny boy margaritas!  I stole the recipe for you guys before he bottles it and becomes a millionaire.

For 2 Drinks:

1 lime
3 shots blanco tequila
1 shot cointreau
Secret Ingredient: Trop50 Pear Lychee with White Tea

Put Ice in each cup and then the juice from half a lime, 1 1/2 shots tequila, and about a 2 second pour of cointreau.  Then top of your glass with the Trop50 mix (which by the way only has 45 calories a serving).  And there you have it.  The skinny boy margarita!

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