In the living room/bar area of our home we have a sad little sitting area that is in need of a facelift.  So, I started working on that today.
(please ignore the ugly eye sore of an AC unit)

Well, at least it's a start.  It's hard to tell since the pictures are backlit, but the curtains are a beautiful jewel blue color (from Target about a year ago).  Today I only purchased 2 new items the rest are things I found around the house.
This yellow ceramic cow is from Target's kitchen area.  It's for holding milk or cream, but I thought it would make a cute vase.  And it was only $4.99.  Pretty sweat deal.
This pillow was on clearance at Target for $10.48.  (I got 2 and put one in the adjoining family room to tie the two rooms together).  It goes  really well with the curtains and the new vase.
All the other accessories I have had for a while.  Even though it's a small change, it's a step in the right direction and I already think it adds a little more life to the space.
6/6/2012 05:26:41 pm

love the pillow n the cow! very creative!!

6/8/2012 03:57:41 pm

What's a sweat deal? Is it like when you're so excited you start sweating? The cow seems like a reasonable value but I'm confused as to why you would sweat about it. I've always been told not to sweat the small stuff

6/8/2012 09:49:51 pm

Wow hahaha. Thank you for finding my typo! I will try and do a better job proofreading. That was a good catch!


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