With the holidays coming up quick, I like to keep my eye out for some great dresses. H&M has been killing it lately, I just to had to snag these 3.
Satin Dress $24.95

This is a possibility for Christmas Day. I never wear red, so I am really branching out here. I am such a dare devil.
Satin Dress $19.95

I am not sure what I will wear this to, but the fact that it was so cheap and really pretty sold me.

Lace Dress $34.95

This dress is for Finns baptism this weekend. I think the whole lace skater dress look is a little played out, but I love this blue color and for some reason I find the lace on this particular dress really pretty.

11/12/2013 02:56:21 pm

omg love all these!!! im gonna have to check out HM!!!


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