After yesterday's post, it's only fair to do a home edition!  I'm a huge fan of neutral walls and rooms in my home.  But neutral doesn't have to mean shades if brown and white.  I really love a pretty gray room.  I also really like designing rooms around gray because it goes with so much!  My favorite accent colors to match with gray are blue, yellow, or purple. 

This is my favorite gray paint color for the home:
Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray (Available at Home Depot)
Damask Pillow $19.99 (Target)
What a pretty pillow!  If you have a white bedspread or a solid color couch, this might be the right pillow for you.  It's a nice simple and beautiful accent to any piece of furniture.
Reversible Bedding $39.95-169.95 (Z Gallery)
Even though the pieces of this bedding are a little on the pricier side, this bedding set is reversible so you get twice the amount of use out of it.  My dog has been known to sneak a bone on the bed and leave stains, with this bedding, there are no worries!
Rug $19.99 (Ikea)
I have this rug from Ikea and I love it.  It was so cheap and it's like a simple piece of art on the floor of my master bedroom!
Stripe Hand Towel $10 (West Elm)
I really like these hand towels, they are a little masculine, but they are simple enough to be paired with more feminine accents.  They are also available to be monogrammed, which I love!
This shower curtain will add a lot of style to a bathroom.  There is a matching bath rug-not that I like everything matchy matchy, but maybe you would prefer that over a shower curtain!
7/5/2012 09:29:52 pm

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7/5/2012 09:34:36 pm

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9/18/2013 07:46:02 pm

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