I am pretty much obsessed with all things Rachel Zoe, so it is no surprise that I have been dreaming of this jacket that I saw from her collection on Piperlime. 
I love long winter jackets, but it can be tricky to get the right fit.  So, I really lucked out when I came across this little gem at H&M.
It fits like it was tailored to me-which I think H&M should start doing since I wear and blog about all of their clothes!  (Maybe I will write a letter...).  I also love the hidden buttons-I am fanatical about matching my hardware, so if it had silver or gold colored buttons, it would always affect my outfit choices.  And the best was just $60!  That's great for a winter jacket!  I wore my last long, black winter jacket from H&M for approximately 5 years-they are really well made.  The jacket also came in light gray if you are interested!
10/27/2011 11:03:10 pm

Such a cute look - I love these boots!!!!


10/28/2011 07:12:03 am

That jacket is so adorable on you! And what a steal - you'd never know! Looks like a million bucks... You should really consider embracing the whole mixed metals thing - makes life much easier!

10/28/2011 11:59:00 pm

Adorable jacket, I love the bow belt.

xo erica

10/29/2011 02:46:09 am

the RZ jacket is lovely but I think I prefer yours!


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