I went to Target to get a dog-proof trash can (ya know, one that the beast dog can't face plant in and eat trash from) yesterday and then I decided I would do a little retail therapy as well.
I am still loving the fringe look.  This purse is a great off-white/beige color even though it looks bright white in the pic.  At only $24.99 I will definitely be getting my money's worth with this bag.
I also purchased a beautiful turquoise beaded necklace for $14.99.  I love the length and the color...and maybe I won't always have to wear my fav stone turquoise necklace in all of my outfit posts now!
3/6/2012 10:20:22 pm

purse is super cute!

3/7/2012 01:49:41 am

That bag is awesome!! I love bags like that...!!! Tops like that are even better :D

3/7/2012 01:35:23 pm

sigh. i went to target yesterday too. for paper towels and toilet paper. it cost me $140.


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