Seeing as I usually only wear gray, black, and white (with bright accessories and nails of course), I was definitely skeptical of this new colored pants trend.  However after shopping and trying some on, I think I am in love.

I purchased the H&M pants in navy and pink.  They got great and I now I am totally sold on this bright and cheery trend!
2/3/2012 08:21:18 am

i'm the same, always in black, white or grey, but i am loving bright skinnies! (i have red, green and cobalt blue) i'm wearing my green skinnies today with a tan sweater and cognac boots! i found mine at marshalls for $16.99!!

2/3/2012 10:05:36 pm

That's such a good deal!

2/4/2012 12:43:42 am

please post a follow up pic! would love to see a full outfit :)

6/27/2012 09:03:03 am

Love these pants, especiall the second one!


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