Ugh, such gross, rainy weather these past couple of days!  It’s making it really hard to potty train a new puppy!  Anyways...I thought I could do a little outfit post since it’s been awhile!
Green Top: Target, White Tank: H&M, Cardi: Forever21, Leggings: Target, Boots: Ciao Bella (from DSW), Necklace: Forever21
Kind of my same old boring look I know, but I was excited to get out of sweatpants and look like a normal human being today (even if it poured all day).  I hope everyone is staying dry!
12/8/2011 04:42:01 am

Thanks for taking me to my appt and cooking me a wonderful dinner, all while wearing this fabulous outfit. You rock and I love you!

12/8/2011 04:37:52 pm

Mmm I LOVE mac and cheese! It would be great to eat it without feeling horribly guilty, I have to give this a try.

12/8/2011 04:41:47 pm

Whoops, meant to leave my comment on the post above (obvi) Haha sorry :)


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