Since it's starting to get warm enough to show your toes I thought I would share some of my new favorite nail products that make my mani's and pedi's look pretty much professional in between the times I actually get them done at the salon.  Before I start, I want to say I am not receiving anything from any of the company's mentioned.  I am only sharing some of the products I love.
I know a lot of people are against trimming their cuticles, but I find it a neccessity.  I have pretty small nailbeds and by trimming my cuticles I make a lot more space for polish.  I was recently given this cuticle remover from a friend and I don't know what I did without it.  I like both of these tools, however, be careful with the push n trim tool because it's so sharp you can actually go through the cuticle and take chunks out of your nails.  Trust me.
I know these are all Sally Hansen products, but the reason I try a lot of their stuff is because they have soooo many different options.  I know I have mentioned quite a few times how great their Insta-Dri top coat is, but I think I have found one that's even better.  I tried out this diamond flash top coat because the store I went to was sold out of the other one.  This top coat dries just as fast, but I think that it is a stronger top coat.  I used to use 2 different top coats when I used the Insta-Dri and now I am just using this one by itself.
This cuticle oil was also a gift from a friend and it's awesome!  I have very dry cuticles, probably because I have to wash my hands a million times every night at work, and this stuff instantly fixes them!
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3/12/2012 02:20:08 pm

Cute post! im def gonna get the push n trim ( im currently using qtips to try to push back my cuticles and i am not successful lol) and try the diamond top coat!!! anything to help extend my manicure. Sally Hansen has another cuticle balm/eraser I just purchased. Its looks like a lipgloss pot but is swirled with white n green and makes your cuticles look amazing! Maybe try that one next! :)

3/24/2012 06:30:54 pm

ive tried the diamond flash n it is amazing!!! dries quick but keeps my mani good for days. thanks for the tips!


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