I can't believe two weeks went by that fast!  I missed blogging while I was away, and I will try to make up for it since I'm back!  Here is my 2 weeks in pictures (and some words too)...

Starting with, getting married!
My gown is by Tara Keely, you can see it here.
And then there was the honeymoon!  We went to a Sandals in St. Lucia.  First some of the fun outfits... 
Brown tropical dress: I bought at Ross about 5 years ago and never had a place to wear it-until now!  Purple maxi dress: seen here.  Purple silky tank: H&M (love these!  About $8 and great layering pieces!).  White strapless dress: seen here.

This was my favorite purchase for the trip:
My new sun hat from Call it Spring-it was on clearance for $14!
This was my favorite outfit from the trip:
This awesome jade green, one shoulder ruffle dress was a great find at Forever21!

And finally, some of the fun that we had...
We went on a bike ride to a beautiful waterfall-it was my first waterfall!  It was freezing cold, but it was worth it!  But even more awesome then that...
I got to paddle board for the first time!!!  I am obsessed!  If this could be my primary mode of transportation I would not complain.  The hubster was a little upset because I stood right up and paddled away, but by the end he was an addict too!

Phew!  I know that a lot, but I was gone for a while and I had a lot to say!  I hope you enjoyed!
10/24/2011 04:44:11 am

Beautiful dress!

<a href="http://tulipsandtulle.blogspot.com/">Tulips&Tulle</a>

10/24/2011 02:55:30 pm

Congrats on your wedding. You and your dress look beautiful.


10/24/2011 07:51:09 pm

The Jade Green One Shoulder Dress looks STUNNING on you! So jealous of your tan. You look gorgeous, stylish, and happy in all your pictures!

10/29/2011 08:55:27 pm

Nice outfits and congrats!


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