Since our kitchen was being put back together (and it feels brand new, even though it's all the old stuff except the floor!), I decided to organize our pantry.  We are lucky to have a nice sized pantry area with lots of shelving.  This is what it looked like during the construction:
There is nothing wrong with it, there just isn't much to it.  I only made a few minor changes to give it a little facelift.

1. gave the shelves a fresh coat of white paint
2. painted the interior walls of the pantry a nice light blue color
3. painted the outer lip of the shelves with chalkboard paint so they can be labeled
And there you have it.  I did it during Finn's afternoon nap, and I think it makes the pantry a cheerful and organized area in our kitchen!

Eventually I want to get some more organizing gadgets to make better use of the deep shelves.  I also want to add a few more hooks for things that need to be hung up.  But this is a nice first step!

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