I cannot believe how fast this weekend went!  We love having the hubby home, so Finn and I were really excited to have the extra day this weekend.
I finally got to try out the jogging stroller for an actual jog.  "Someone" decided to start a screaming competition at the end of our morning walk which then turned into an impromptu jog.  Girlfriend was hangry (that is hungry + angry for those of you who are unsure).
We caught up on sleep...I kid, I kid...we have a 6 week old.  No one caught up on sleep but Benny Boy.  Oh well.
Some of us popped our collars and enjoyed our time with the family.
Some of us cut off 9 inches of hair.
Finn got to model her yellow polka-dot bathing suit.  She is so stylish.  Someday she will take over the blog...
And she went "swimming" for the first time.  She loved it, but somehow I think we loved it even more.  And obviously a baby with a full head of hair needs a matching swim cap for her suit.
Mommy and Daddy time included trying the #1 rated beer on The BeerAdvocate right now.  Out of control delish.
 I winded down the summer season with a great teal polish, Opi Cant Find a Czechbook.  I am excited to break out the Fall colors soon.
Finn is excited for Fall too.  She can finally break in her moccasins.  Happy 6 weeks to my baby!  She seems so big, but she is still just a little peanut!
Janet Staniszewski
9/4/2013 02:05:10 am

Katie thank you for coming over to our Labor Day party and letting us meet your beautiful Finnly. She is perfect in every way. Please stop by anytime, I love baby hugs/holds

9/4/2013 06:10:00 am

looks like a fun weekend!! omg love finn's yellow bathing suit!!! model in training!!! and love your hair cut and polish! fun fun!


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