Not to be confused with "organized male."  I don't have any of those in my house.

I have been trying to figure out a way to organize the mail so that it doesn't lay on my dining room table like this all the time:
This stresses me out.
I had found this wall organizer at Ballard Design that I was thinking about getting, but it is a little pricey (and it's even on sale right now).  So, for now I purchased two simple organizers from the office section at Target to see if they get the job done.  Both pieces were about $10 total so I definitely saved some cash.  This is the set-up for now:
The clear plastic is for mail that we need to go through.  In the black holder is mail that we need to keep for a while, but not file yet (ex: bills to be paid).  In the front section are coupons to hang on to (like my fav Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons).  And then the tiny spot in the front is for stamps, that way we always know where they are.
We are in the process of re-doing our office into a "man room," so we need to  have a new way to organize since we no longer have a desk to keep things on.  Hopefully, I will have some pics of this renovation in the semi-near future!
3/10/2012 04:59:22 am

Love this idea! i def am gonna do this so no more clutter mail bin!


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