Hmmm it's been a crazy couple of weeks over here. It was hard to break away and write a wrap up. I don't have any new recipes that I have tried that I can share with you seeing as my kitchen currently looks like this:
Thanks to a loose connection to our dishwasher we had to rip up the hardwood floors in the kitchen and cross our fingers that someone is available last minute to put it all back together.

So, I have been pinning recipes like crazy for when I have a functional oven again.
Quinoa Crust Pizza

Just to list a few.
While the kitchen demolition was going on, I was sewing like a crazy person. I have a lot of new spring pattern InFinnity Bibs coming out!  You can check out my current patterns here.  Lots of mod flowers, plaid, and gingham for the Spring!  And don't forget baseball season is around the corner!
An in other's finally starting to get warm out!!! I foresee lots of outside adventures with my little peanut!
It's almost Friday...hang in there!

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