I just wanted to share a few more easy recipes!  First up, last night's dinner: Shrimp Pad Thai.
You can find the recipe (and a professional photo) here.  I pretty much stick to the recipe with the exception of adding extra sriracha (we like to burn off the top layer of our tongue and clean out or sinuses when we eat) and I used whole wheat lo mein noodles because that is what I had in the pantry.
These crab cakes are another recipe from SkinnyTaste.  I am going to try them out tonight!
Have you ever heard of egg puffs?  I just heard about them on a blog I read called The Athletarian.  They are a low calorie treat made basically of egg whites and different flavoring.  I am a little skeptical that they can actually be good, but I am going to try them out!

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