Any polish lovers like me out there? Here's a few new finds in polish for you.
I was flipping through the March issue of People's Style Watch and I found this new site. works like a Netflix account but for polish. You get 3 polishes and a pre-paid return package. You get to use the polish and then return for another 3 picks. With brands like Chanel, Mac, and Dior the cost of 1 shipment ($18) is equal to or less then the cost of purchasing one of these designer polishes. It's a pretty good deal (and would make a great gift) for someone who loves polish but doesn't want to break the bank with the designer hues.
These fancy brushes are the ASP Nail Art Brush Set which can be found at The set includes 4 brushes that are perfect for creating all types of nail art and designs. The set is $14.99 and as long as you clean them and take care of them, they should last a while.
I love having pretty polish and I think it's great that there are so many new products for nail obsessed people like myself!
3/3/2013 10:56:30 am

This sounds awesome but a little skeeved out about other people using the polishes? Ill still check it out tho. :)

3/6/2013 06:56:51 pm

I was thinking that too at first...but then I have always wanted to try Chanel polish!


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