With all of the errands I need to do in the next couple of days leading up to my wedding I haven't had much time to exercise.  I try not to take the easy way out, so I made sure to get my leg workout in yesterday.  First things first, here was my errand running outfit for yesterday:
Sweater: H&M, Brown tank: American Eagle, Flare jeans: Old Navy (seen here), Shoes: from DSW (seen here), Necklaces: Gifts from a long time ago
And here is my secret to exercising on the run:
When I know that I have a day full of errands or shopping, I wear tall heels or wedges to give my legs a little workout.  I'm a fast walker too, so I'm sure I get some kind of core workout in there too-ya know because I have to keep myself from tipping over every once in a while.
Here's a side view just to show off my love of layering!  Have a good day...and don't forget your heels if you are going shopping!
10/6/2011 07:34:02 am

Love those suede boots




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