I know we all have some weird idiosyncrasies that we try to keep to ourselves, but I am going to share one of mine with you.  It's regarding my on-line shopping addiction.  I love finding great pieces at Forever21, it can be challenging, but it's worth the hunt.  I also love that when you shop at Forever21 on-line, if you spend $50 you get free shipping.  So, I tend to check the new arrivals frequently and when I find things that I love I put them in my shopping bag.  However, things sell out so much on their website that it takes awhile to get to my $50 requirement (i'm too cheap to pay for the shipping!) and it ends up taking me about a month to be satisfied with my picks enough to make the purchase.  Aaaaah!  So glad to get this weirdness off my chest. 

Now we can move on to the fun stuff...I finally made up my mind (this shopping bag is a few months in the making).  Look what 60 bucks got me:
I know, 3 necklaces is a little crazy, but I always love getting cheap accessories.  I liked the oversize top (it comes is 4 great colors) and the sheer cardigan because they are light and airy and perfect for when it starts to get a little cooler out.  The lavender skirt has made it through many shopping bag weeding out sessions so I'm glad that I am finally getting it.

I'm pretty happy about my choices.  I also love that it's 6 pieces for 60 bucks, I know I am strange, but I love getting a deal!  Hope you like my shopping bag! 

Any odd shopping habits you feel like sharing?
8/12/2011 12:28:19 am

I am the same way about sephora!!! If you spend 50$ you get free shipping, you get free samples(that i get to pick) and it comes super fast! (1-2 days even with the free standard shipping!) Dont worry you are not alone ;-)

8/12/2011 02:30:48 am

Nice post, love the photos!
see mine http://thepileofstyle.blogspot.com/
you might like it :)

Jubrae Peurifoy
8/12/2011 04:27:27 am

well I personally go to ASOS.com for all of my cheap shopping esp. for accessories and clothing.

8/12/2011 09:28:35 am

Ok I would def wear everything that you purchased the skirt is GORGE love it


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8/16/2011 06:47:50 am

I love all of your picks!



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