As we discussed yesterday, I have had a little bit of an on-line shoe shopping issue lately.  I thought I would share my current top picks, especially since some of them are on sale right now.
Leopard Print Peep Toe Heels ($24.99 on sale)
Aldo Wedge Bootie ($41.24 on sale)
Ciao Bella Riding Boot ($99.95)
Minnetonka Moccasin Boot ($55)

I know, I know, kind of a random selection.  Let me explain.

I have been looking for a cute pair of animal print shoes since they are totally in right now.  It's hard to find a print I like since some of them look so cheap and some of them are too bold of a pattern.  I love these heels because they would give an outfit a nice little splash of an animal print without being all up in your face with it!

Now, the wedge bootie.  Let me start with this.  All I wanted last fall/winter was a wedge boot or bootie and I could not find anything under $300.  I had an unhealthy obsession with searching for them last year, and now they are everywhere!  I'm sure I will be getting a few different styles this season, but this is the first wedge bootie that I am really loving, and it's on sale, bonus!

LOVE me my riding boots!  I have a confession, these are not on my wishlist (I already own them)...but they must be on yours.  I know they are more expensive then my usual picks.  I waited and debated over them last winter for weeks, and finally purchased them when I received a rewards coupon in the mail from DSW, so they weren't as expensive.  Best wardrobe purchase last year.  Hands down.  They are so comfy, they keep their shape and don't sag.  They look great with skinny jeans and leggings...see, I am obsessed.  P.S.  They also come in a wide calf option, so nobody has an excuse not to purchase them!

Already, on for my last pick: the moccasin boot.  I know, I know, kind of a different pick for my usual style, but I have a reason!  It's time to move on from the Ugg boot stage.  Gasp!  Don't get me wrong, I love my Ugg boots, I have the crocheted sweater ones that you can wear high and low in gray.  They are amazingly comfy.  But, I realized last year that Ugg boots are really not they stylish or flattering.  Believe me, I will definitely be wearing them around the house, and to run errands, but it is my goal to banish the UGG look from any other use.  So, with that said, I am going to give the moccasin boot a chance at being my comfy go-to boot for winter when I am wearing leggings and a T-shirt (my staples).  Wish me luck!
9/2/2011 11:03:53 am

I'm looking forward to taking my boots out of storage. I think riding boots will be a staple this year.

Also, in total agreement about uggs. I like the Moccasins and will be interested in seeing what other Ugg Replacements hit the street.

8/30/2013 04:06:57 am

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