It's time for another Forever21 shopping bag.  This one is super random!
Layered Chiffon Dress $22.80
Contrast Flare Athletic Pant $13.80
Heathered Linen Blend Tee $9.80
Slub Knit Stripes Top $12.50
Essential Extended Length Tee $7.80

I know it's an interesting bag this time!  I'm loving this purple dress for one of my holiday events this year, I hope it fits right!  I'm trying out the athletic pants because they have a lot of athletic gear for so cheap-I wanted to try something to see if I like it.  And the rest is just so I can re-stock some of my basics.  I have a very limited supply of long sleeve tops to wear-this is why all of my outfits need to be covered in a cardi.  I hope you like my picks this time around!
1/4/2012 06:55:24 am

Love the chiffon dress, think I may have to purchase that one.


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