But I have only recently heard about Groopdealz. It's this great website with discounts on the cutest stuff. I have purchased a bunch of jewelry and some cute baby accessories over the past couple of months. I'm thinking about buying my first article of clothing. I'm really liking this dress (I have a thing for elbow patches right now):
But in black or white. Or both. You have to check the site frequently because things are usually on sale for only a day or so, and some things sell out kinda quick.

It doesn't cost anything to join the site and you can pay with Paypal which makes it super easy (and dangerous) to buy things.

It's definitely worth taking a look.  You can find cute and inexpensive gifts here too!
4/3/2013 01:00:23 am

Be careful with groopdealz, it can grow into quite an addiction!


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