It's a slow process, but I finally have 1 whole corner of the man room completed.  So I thought I would give an update.
Behold the beverage corner.  It's his fav part so I'm sure he won't complain it's the only completed part so far.  The beer meister we have had since we moved in (it was his engagement gift) and the custom tap was a great gift from one of our friends, but the rest of the set up is new.
Left to right: Our awesome new Lagunitas Mason Jar glasses, New shelving from Target (about $30 bucks total) and a display of some of our fun beer glass collection, custom bottle opener (seen here).

I am sort of obsessed with these new glasses.  1. Lagunitas has some of my fav beers right now.  2. I feel like Benny is on the glass.
Can you see it?

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