First of all, a little shout out to my bestie for reminding me about my gourmet (that's pronounced "gore met") pumpkin spice muffin recipe.  I use the word recipe loosely, since this is so simple it's silly....but delicious, and that's all that matters!

Here are the ingredients:
Yup, that's it.  One package cake mix (you can use whatever flavor you like, I used Spice) and one can pumpkin (not pie filling, just plain pumpkin).

Simply mix the two ingredients together and then scoop into your muffin pans (make sure to grease your pans if they aren't nonstick!).  You can add little extras to the batter if you are feeling a little crazy.  I made some plain pumpkin and some chocolate chip pumpkin and then with my little bit of extra batter I made mini chocolate chip pumpkin muffins topped with a pecan.
Bake them according to the directions on the box.  There was no option for mini muffins so I took about 5 minutes off the cooking time for regular muffins since they bake quicker than the bigger ones.
Hmmmm...that's odd, about 5 seconds after the manfriend came home from work a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin seemed to disappear off of my cooling rack.  Wonder how that happened...

If you are a pumpkin lover, I would definitely give these a try.  You can't beat how simple they are!
9/28/2011 09:29:02 pm

You're welcome!! Mine were so fab.. the dark chocolate ones are dangerous.

9/29/2011 09:42:25 am

These sound devine! I always cannot wait for fall because of the pumpkin desserts available :). Have a beatiful Thursday!

XO Hilary


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