I just bought a bunch of new shorts for the summer and I thought I would share since I really like them.  Both types are from Old Navy.
Perfect Khaki Shorts (3 1/2")
I bought two pairs of these last year and wore them like crazy.  They definitely lasted the summer even with the amount of times that I washed them.
Cuffed Linen Blend Shorts (3")
I love how light these linen blend shorts are.  They are so comfortable and they have a nice structure to them.

You can't beat the price.  They are so similar to shorts that I saw at Gap and J Crew, but more than half the price!
4/25/2012 04:33:33 pm

both of these styles are super cute! i got shorts last yr at j crew and spend double the amount and they look like the same short! thanks for sharing a cheaper chic match! ;)

4/26/2012 04:09:00 am

I just got those top shorts too! I got 'em in yellow. Good find.


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