I completely fell in love with this bikini top from Victoria Secret...but it sold out before I could buy it.  So sad.
So, I have been looking for something like it for a while now.  I love to mix and match bikini pieces.  I just want to get my hands on a killer fringe top to add to the mix!
Sexy Suedey Fringe Bandeau $61.00
L*Space Dolly Fringe Bandeau $68.00
UO Fringe Bandeau $42.00

None of these quite match what I am looking for, but I wanted to share in case you were looking for something similar!
Andrea Rossi
5/8/2012 12:58:40 pm

Post more I love you're stuff!

Erin O'Donnell
5/20/2012 03:40:01 pm

I love your blog! I bought a fringe top from target earlier this spring :) it looks like the halter version you posted. i saw a couple girls with them on a cruise in september and HAD to have one! keep up the posts :)


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