I went to the mall the other day specifically to get this light blue polish (Havana Dreams) from Sephora that I saw on a friend and just had to have.  By the way, Sephora polish is $9.50 for a bottle, I think that's a little nuts.  Luckily, I stopped at Forever21 on my way to Sephora (I may have stopped at H&M and Urban first too) and I found this set of 6 polishes for $9.80!

I like 5 out of the 6 colors, so I think this is a great deal!  The light blue is the second from the left and it's almost an exact match to the Sephora polish that I wanted.  I just love finding a good deal!
8/4/2011 04:53:55 am

I love this blue also! I'm wearing something very similar right now: Revlon, blue lagoon. Beautiful polish.


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