So when I do, I like to make it count.  I had some overripe bananas, because someone bought way too many (I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Benny, Boo, or me), and I didn't want to waste them.  And I broke my blender a few weeks ago making a smoothie, so freezing them was out.  I decided I would make some muffins.  I used good ol' Martha's recipe.

She calls them Healthy Banana-Blueberry Muffins, but there is still a stick of butter in them and sugar.  I made them just as the recipe states except I didn't have wheat germ and I added some chopped pecans.  I analyzed them on a calorie count website and it says they have 198 calories, 8.9 g fat (that darn butter), 1.3 g fiber, and 3.2 g protein per muffin.  So they are better than eating a bakery muffin but not so hot compared to protein bar.  Regardless, they are delish, and easy to make if you are in the mood to bake!
P.S. Martha has a much prettier picture with her recipe.

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