What?  Why would anyone want to decorate a bright yellow school bus?  I guess maybe if your fiancé booked one for your transportation to and from the church.  Just saying, if one were to have such a problem, then I have a project for you!  (I swear I’m not upset that I will be rollin’ out in a yellow school bus, I just want it to look classy).

Remember the banner from this post about my wedding inspirations?  I know it was only $31 with shipping, but I figured I could tackle this project myself and save some money too. 
Here is what you need:

½ yard burlap fabric ($1.50), black fabric paint ($1.70), stencil brush ($1.00), stencils ($7.00), jute cord ($3.00), blood, sweat, and tears (priceless).

I decided to cut the pieces of fabric into rectangles instead of triangles.  Then it was as simple as holding the stencil over the fabric and blotting the paint on evenly.  Make sure to do this on a surface that can get dirty because the paint will bleed through the holes in the burlap.
Next, I used the point of my scissors to poke small holes in the burlap and I threaded the jute cord through the holes.  I tied a knot on each side that I threaded through the fabric because I don’t want the pieces to shift when our (bright yellow) school bus tears away to the reception.
Ta da!  Here is the final masterpiece!  And I saved 7 whole bucks!  Maybe I can put the money towards some sort of trolley or horse drawn carriage!  Just kidding, we all know that it is going to a new nail polish...
This is a super simple project that can be used for so many different occasions.  There are a variety of different styles of stencils, colors of fabric paint, and even colors of burlap-just check out your local craft store.  You can make a banner as fancy or as fun as you want!
9/21/2011 03:15:41 pm

really cute idea!!!

9/21/2011 04:34:58 pm

super excited about riding this fab yellow school bus!! Love the decorations!

9/21/2011 08:43:14 pm

this is so sweet! hope you post pics of the bunting on the school bus!


9/22/2011 09:37:15 am

You will look fabulous in any kind of bus. can't wait to see it.

9/22/2011 10:10:52 am

very cute project!



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