Finn turned 5 months old over the weekend...what?! How did this happen? I cannot believe it has been 5 months. It is amazing how much she has changed. I feel like we went from the brand new baby phase where we spoke completely different languages and could not figure eachother the best friends phase. And it was in the blink of an eye. A really sleepless, emotional roller coaster blink if an eye. But I am already over that. **earmuffs hubby** I am ready for like 4 more babies now.
And my new life theme is "just do the best you can".  So, with that said, blogging is included and instead of being stressed about a month going by without posting, I will just post when I can and leave it at that. When I am not at work, I am taking in all the Finn time I can, and sitting down on the computer does not always fit in to that equation. But I will do the best I can! Thank you all for still stopping by! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas Eve to those who are celebrating!

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